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What to Expect: Questions and Answers
*What is the best time to do a photo shoot?  The best time to do a photo shoot is either at sunrise (yes sunrise) and an hour before sunset.  This gives off a soft golden light.  Also, a cloudy day is a wonderful time to do a photo shoot, because there is no harsh lighting.

What should I wear?  
*​Don't be to 
matchy match (see pics above).  
*​Bright colors and textured clothing is great for pictures.
*​And of course the white dresses, shirts and jeans for the beach is an absolute favorite.
​​  *Think of the "look" you are trying to accomplish.  You don't want to "date" your photos with the latest fad and than it goes out along with your pictures.  
*​Accessorizing your outfit with jewelry, etc. coordinates your outfit for a complete look. *You want to make sure the clothing fits, not too big or bulging buttons.

*Remember, keep the background in mind​ when picking out clothes.  You don't want to blend in.  
*​Try to get kids to nap prior if they do.
*​Eat prior
*W​ear comfy clothes that are okay to get wet, especially in beach portraits.  
*​Flowy fabrics are beautiful, great on the beach.
*​Beach pictures are usually  taken without shoes, but if we are taking pictures with shoes, please take the time to shine them up and coordinate then with the chosen outfits.  *Also, even if you don't wear a lot of makeup, put a little more than normal on, it tends to fade a little on camera so we like it a little darker than usual.  
*Be prepared for wind especially during beach photos.  
*​Bribary may be a good thing to bring - a small toy or candy so they take great photos.  *Bring towels and a change of clothes for beach photos just in case someone gets wet.

Color Schemes that work well:
khaki/bright oxford shirts
khaki/white dresses and/or shirts​
jeans/white dresses and/or shirts
Coral and Aqua/Turquoise is a beautiful look​​​​​​ together

Red/White shirts with jeans